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Proper Cabinet Care Will Keep Your Pieces Looking Great and Durable

Suggested Maintenance Tips from the Local Carpenter

Cabinets are a great addition to your kitchen. However, with constant exposure to food and water, maintaining a beautiful piece can be challenging. To own a pristine cabinet, you should perform regular maintenance. Dusting and wiping aren’t the only tasks you should do. There are fixes and other general maintenance you need to think of.

If you are curious what else you can do to keep your cabinet looking great, check this list out. Here are some of the suggested maintenance you can do from the trusted local carpenter:

Remove Stains

When you notice stains on your wooden cabinet, remove it. Leaving food stains on the wood can eat the finish of the cabinet. Also, depending on the acidity, it can damage the wood. Removing stains before they settle is a great way to keep your cabinet’s gloss. Concoct a solution or purchase a cleaner that works well with your wooden piece.

Stop Insects and Mice

Do you have the habit of leaving food inside your cabinet? Properly seal your food to prevent insects and mice from boring a hole in the wood. Pests are known to go to great lengths to satisfy their hunger. When you want a pristine cabinet, keep all food in the refrigerator or seal them tightly.

Replace Damaged Wood

Head to your cabinet and check the panels. Look for signs of wear. Deep scratches, dents, and swollen wood are some of the signs that it needs a replacement. Removing damaged parts and getting better quality wood will keep the cabinet intact.

Refinish Wood

Using a protective finish will prevent the elements from damaging the material. Maintaining the wood’s finish is crucial to its integrity. When the wood is almost bare, look for a general carpentry service to refinish it.

Do you want to know more about wood care? Dial (843) 212-7677 and speak to me. My company is What About Bob LLC. I am the specialist when it comes to crafting cabinets. Let me help you maintain your furniture in Summerville, SC with my amazing tips.


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